Sunday 13 March 2011

Calcutta Cup or Crufts?

It has been a wet weekend in Aberdeen and I have been working hard analyzing the data you all sent in for my scientific paper on climate change.  

By the way, this is my favourite thinking chair.

I have also been thinking about this weekend's two great competitions here in the UK.  Which would you prefer to watch on telly - the Calcutta Cup (the annual England versus Scotland rugby match) or Crufts (the dog show)? 

It seems unfair that wire-haired fox terriers are allowed to compete in one and not the other. After all, which do you think we are best suited to? The contest where you have to trot obediently round a show ring on a short lead and have your very private bits felt by some random judge? Or the one involving participation in loosely regulated mayhem, chasing a funny shaped ball around a big field and biting the other players' ankles. At least I think that's allowed. 'Cos pretty much everything else in rugby is permitted, as far as I can tell. It does strike me as the most tremendous fun.  

I have been advised to steer clear of discussing the subject of which rugby team I supported this afternoon. A sensitive issue for a Scots born dog living in Scotland with an English human....


  1. Bertie, you are one gorgeous Wire Fox Terrier!

    As you may know, my predecessor was a Wire fox named Carson. He was a dear boy, and dearly loved, but in the looks department, you win!

  2. That is a Fangtastic Thinkin Chair. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hey Bertie Bud...
    Only two options? I think I prefer you as the Climate change specialist. Rugby is just too erratic...and so are dog shows.

  4. I say to follow your ♥ and stick to your decision.

  5. Hi Bertie! First we wanted to let you know that that very special "spring scent" has started to be in the air here in Soughern California. Sort-of a jasmine-orange blend, very subtle, that signals the start of spring for us natives... Secondly, we suggest Gail get you a DVR so that you can watch one eent wwhile recording the other; although we agree, the rugby sounds like wwaaaaayy more fun!

  6. Bertie - Scotland would have done better if you'd been playing . You'd also have been better at leading the singing of our supposed national anthem .Talk about off key !

  7. Oh Bertie stay clear of Rugby. That is one crazy sport. Just work on the weather and climate.
    Benny & Lily

  8. Rugby vs Crufts- now that would get our humans debating!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  9. I bets dat you would make a terrorific rugby player!

  10. You look great in your thinking chair!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  11. So you've got an each way bet! We think WFT are more suited to Rugby and the ankle biting rule probably hasn't been put into effect because the players are too tall.

    Crufts doesn't sound like fun.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    We like your thinking chair.

  12. Listen we were watching Crufts on the internet with PL2 ... Those kids have a tough life.. being pampered and primped all the time.... although the funny thing is when PL2 saw the WFT group we THOUGHT we heard her say( and we KNOW it must have been a mistake...) Are you kidding me?? The look NOTHING like these dogs... WELL NO WHY WOULD WE WE HAVEN"T HAD A BATH IN 12000 YEARS AND OUR HAIR IS SO POOFY WE LOOK LIKE ROLY POLY TOYS>>>> sorry... just letting out a little steam... Love A+A

  13. My Mom would rather watch/compete in Crufts but I would rather play rugby:) I like a good rough-and-tumble!

  14. Dearest boy smashing chair you've got yourself. Does the Gail servant bring you a cuppa and a digestive for dunking while your thunking? I like a bit of scrum though too brings fond memories of the huge bone I once found on the rugby field and the resulting exercise for the squares.Teehee!!

    Can you believe our wiry boy didn't win? Or the Bichon Frisse called......Eric???? I'm never going to live that one down...nothing against them mind ..well it's MY name...

    Wiry licks of love, Eric xxx

  15. Hoomie Melissa is ONLY interested in dog shows. She no like any sports. I enjoy being shown actually. I would be too afraid to be in that field because I could get trampled on by those big guys with weird looking heads!

  16. hey Bertie,

    Congratulations on becoming Scientific Advisor. I think you look pawsome in your thinking chair!

    I think rugby would be the way to go. Every pup needs a good workout, and I don't think getting privates felt up by judges is a workout. And I say go Scotland! [my human is part Scottish so that is her choice.]



  17. What a Great Thinkin Chair!

    woo woos, Tessa

  18. Do you's have groundhogs to predict da coming of spring in Scotland too?

  19. We vote for loosely regulated mayhem! Sounds like more fun that, um, the other thing :)

    The Road Dogs

  20. We are so delinquent. We missed both big events. But, the consolation ... we've copied your perfected pose of relaxation. Though we are a bit envious of your chair. It is YOUR chair, isn't it?

    By the way. Did your team win?

    Back to sleep,
    Jake and Fergi