Monday, 31 January 2011

An unsatisfactory start to a Sunday...

So yesterday morning, instead of the usual walk, Gail plonked me down on my big towel, said, "now Bertie, smile please" and "wish Andy the best of luck".

I can tell you I was not impressed.

Apparently I was supposed to stay there with Gail in her bedroom and, on her teeny weeny little telly,  watch some tennis match taking place on the other side of the world.

At least I do now know why Gail didn't want to be alone. It can be a painful experience, I learned, watching a Scottish sporting hero perform on a world stage..

At first I just howled...

After a while I could stand it no longer and tried to make a getaway...

And finally, drained of all emotion, I fell asleep.

Luckily (for everyone except Andy) the game did not last long, and there was still time for a splendid afternoon walk in the hills with my friend Jake.

(And if anyone tries to tell you that I had a big tantrum in the car with Jake and his owners as we drove out of Aberdeen, which resulted in Gail borrowing a tissue to wipe the blood from her lips, well, all I can say is that some people do make a BIG FUSS about the most minor of wounds....)


  1. Hey, it looks pretty sunny there!
    Good day for a walkie.
    We like your towel...sorry about your Andy :(

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  2. Bertie, you have more sun there than we have here in California! I hope you apologized to Gail for making her bleed, though I'm sure it was an accident :-)


  3. Oh the pure torture. Having to watch a tv without even a dog on it. That being said, your Mr. Murray was something of a dog on the court from what we hear: The
    1st player ever to get to 3 Grand Finals and not win a single set!
    Whoa!!! Sorry dude, had to be said. At least you got to take a nice walk afterwards. Power to the Poochie!!
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie

  4. No way are we going to comment on Andy after The Ashes fiasco, mate. Looks like a grand walk....hey, a little blood never hurt anyone!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. Bertie - You seem to smile more than a certain Scots sports ' personality '. You'd probably be better at tennis too.

  6. Can we say, "all's well that ends well"?

    Our Mom has one of those wounds this morning too - seems Queen Lilly didn't want to get her nails dremeled on Saturday, but Mom just kept on going despite the blood - and now she has an inconspicuous scratch across her thumb.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  7. Such a fuss. I agree. I am sure that your show of emotion was completely justified.


  8. oh Bertie, people can be sooo dramatic.
    *sigh* Mum watched Andy Murray too, until a little while later when she couldn't bear it any more. hehe.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  9. Honestly Bertie, your Mum goes to pieces over the least little bump in the road doesn't she? So Andy lost, now he has something to work towards eh? What in the name of St. Peter did you do in the car to make your Mum bleed? You weren't trying to take the wheel or anything were you?

    Love, Dozer and Cooper

  10. Well Bertie,Gail didn't have such a good day.
    The tennis was very disappointing - maybe next time!
    We think she could probably have done without a tantrum and indeed a sore lip!
    Oh well you youngsters........!
    You had better watch out in case Gail doesn't let you go in the car with Jake again!
    Your Aunties xxx

  11. Well really, I mean in the car all kinds of things can and do happen.. I mean just today when we were driving around Archie saw a dog in the street that he sort of can't stand and sort of went for me by mistake and we started a bit of a bark fest and PL2 couldn't do a thing and said she was mortified because the car behind us was watching with their mouths open.. SO WHAT I sort of screamed.... hmmpphhh... Love A+A( no blood drawn.... THIS time...

  12. You better be good or she'll make you watch tennis all the time....glad you got to go for a little walk, looks pretty there.

  13. Max Wardle, Newcastle1 February 2011 at 16:16

    Hi Bertie, I hear you and I will meet in the Highlands in March when my humans and yours are joining others for a weekend of walking, sniffing and bouncing (well, they'll probably be limited to the first of those). My name's Max and I'm a medium-sized, Staffie-cross, rescue dog of about three. I don't bark much but I am full of excited enthusiasm, which on occasions my humans mistake for hysteria, hence my other name, Mad Max. I'm sure we'll get on very well.

  14. Hi Max, good to hear from you. Why don't you start your own blog? (I gather your humans are literary types).
    Can't wait to go bouncing up and down the Cairngorms together. I'm hoping to bag my first Munro this spring. We'll have such fun.
    Toodle pip!

  15. Dear Bertie, I have only just read your blog and though we've never met I know you've been round to my house now and then. My name is Leonardo di Pussycato (Leo for short) and I feel I have to apologise for asking my humans not to invite you with Gail to their nice roasty dinner last week. You see I'm rather frightened of dogs and when you come round I have to hide under the bed even after you've gone. I think I have a bit of a social phobia. I even bit Gail last week as I was feeling insecure, though I can be very nice sometimes. No hard feelings I hope?

  16. None whatsoever Leo. But just make sure Gail comes home with some pork next time, eh?

  17. Bewtie
    Poow Andy, now I can pictoowe him making a fuss, but Gail? I'm suwe it was just the teeniest of booboos on hew lip.
    So glad to see you having a sunny good time wif youw fwiend Jake.
    Hope you wewe able to get into the telepawting machine and come to Butchy's. I'm suwe Gail won't mind you playing pokew wif pwopwew snoopewvision(plus, Kkkkkkatie will be thewe)
    smoochie kisses

  18. It must have been the weekend for tantrums lol!!!
    See Yea George xxx

  19. Maybe next time Gail will reverse the order of the day: nice walk first, lap nap after. That way maybe she won't get maimed as a totally unintended consequence of your boyish joie de vivre.

    Jed & Abby