Wednesday, 7 July 2010

My name is NOT 'Big Grey Cloud'

We went over to the cottage on Loch Torridon last weekend.

From the garden, Gail kept pointing up in a north-easterly direction and saying 'see Bertie, that's what you're named after'.

I was most confused. I had understood that for my 'official name', Gail had chosen a rather grand Scottish mountain. But where she was pointing, all I could see was a great big dark cloud. And lots of rain coming out of it.

How very disappointing. One is led to believe that one has been registered with the Kennel Club as 'Granddach Beinn Alligin' (Beinn Alligin is one of the Torridon Moutain group, and the words mean 'Jewelled Mountain' in English). A name that one could be proud of indeed.

And then one finds out that one is actually called 'Big Wet Cloud' or something.

I think Gail caught my look of utter disenchantment. 'No, no Bertie you've got it all wrong, just wait a while and you'll see'.

Well as we know, waiting patiently is not my forte. So I wandered round the garden chewing a few plants, then went indoors and had a nibble at the bristly doormat.

By the time I came back outside the wind had shifted the clouds and we could see a big round lump behind the cottage. That was Beinn Alligin, apparently.

Later, when the clouds had lifted further, we drove round to the other side of Loch Torridon, and Gail made me pose 'nicely' so that she could take this picture of the mountain from a better angle.
Next year, when I am bigger and stronger, we are going to climb it!

[Readers of Gail's 'Between Dogs' blog will know that for everyday purposes I was named Bertie after Bertie Wooster, 'cos P.G. Wodehouse makes Gail smile and I am supposed to do the same. Sometimes she calls me 'Bertie WFTer' or 'Bertie Woofter'. It can be something of a trial when your human likes stupid puns....]

Oh, and while we are one the subject of my weekend in Torridon, I want to show you some more things, to make up for our last visit, when Gail forgot the camera.

I am told that the newly opened shop and cafe in Torridon village is lovely, and that you must visit it if you find yourself in that part of the world. I was made to wait outside, but several friendly people stopped by to give me a pat so that was OK.

Back at the cottage, I discovered a very comfy sofa, and I am allowed up there if I do not nip at Gail's hands too much when she is sitting besides me trying to read. (Why do humans read, by the way, it seems so boring when they could be playing with their dogs...)

Outside, Gail showed me a very special stone. The ashes from her old dog Hamish the Westie are buried under there.
I noticed Gail getting a wee bit tearful when she was telling me about this, so I bounced up and down a few times and tugged at the bottom of her shirt and tried my best to make her smile again.

It seemed to work.


  1. Bewtie
    I nevew fow a moment believed that Gail would call you big wet gwey stowm ow cloud ow whatevew..if evew thewe was someone to lift the clouds fwom a day it's you Bewtie!!!

    I just know you did when Gail got all teawy thinking of hew beloved Hamish. I knew and loved him too and miss him, but you always put a smile on my face and make those sad clouds go away.

    Towwidon looks like such a lovely spot..given ouw howwid heat, those dawk clouds looked sowt of inviting, heheh especially with you and those woses in fwont.

    I know it won't be long until you can climb to the vewy top of that noble mountain named aftew you, hehe

    (we do love Bewtie Woostew and think it's a pawfect evewyday name fow you)
    smoochie kisses

  2. We think you were lucky that rain cloud didn't dump on you. We think your mountain is beautiful--just like you.

    That looks like a terrific place to explore....what's with the books? (Bella chews them.)

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. Bertie, I'm sure your Mom put a lot of thought into your name and that pesky raincloud just got in the way and confused things. I think it's nice to be named after a mountain like that, very majestic. I was named after a character in a Louis L'Amour novel (only I don't think his last name was Whistlebritche, My Boy just tacked that on to be funny). You are growing up quite nicely and posed very well for your photo shoot!

    Happy Tails,
    William Tell

  4. I bet you did a great job making momma Gail smile. You are so adorable. We still think you are a stuffie.
    Benny & Lily
    Pee S.
    You are like mommas first doggy Mickey. It was like 798 years ago.

  5. Berti
    I sur am glad that she told you that you arent Big grey cloud!! You are getting so big and of course cute by the minute.Those were some cool pics of you and pretty country.
    WTG for making Gail happy again when she was getting weepy. What would our humans do without us??


  6. Your garden at the lake cottage is very pretty, all those lovely little flowers.

    Its great and impressive to be named after a mountain, or wait is it Bertie Wooster? If you are named for Bertie you can be a regular cut-up all the time and not worry about things.


  7. My you are growing up fast. I am not really liking that whole big wet cloud thing either. But I love Bertie! We have read those books too.


  8. Oh my...we just left a comment and stoopid blogger ate it and said we may not have spelled all the words correctly? That's a new one...and highly irritating...considering our typist can be a horrid speller!

    What we said was you standin' by Hamish's marker made us are part of the cycle of life and you are honoring his memory with grace and well, BOUNCE!

    That pic of you lyin' on your side with your long legs??? You can almost see the springs!

    Kisses and we hope blogger likes our spelling this time????!!!

    Lac E. Cakes

  9. I'm looking forward to seeing your trip up the moutain, that you have been named after.
    Plus I am sure you are keeping a smile on Gails face'

  10. Oh Bertie...
    You are doing a super job of making Mum must be because you make me smile too!
    What a wonderful part of the world you live in. (The flowers everywhere are gorgeous!) I must say too that your surrounding world shows off your beautiful colouring!
    Sending lotsaluv to you and Gail

  11. Hey Ho...from Nova Scotia...I shall for certain enjoy your blog...big paws or not, you'll be loved!

  12. Darlingboy. Hoo boy have we been having pooter probs but we think they are all fixed now..Now as for your name even if you were named after a rain cloud it would be lovely because you are lovely!(although your mountain is very cool) If possible we think your legs are even taller than the last time we were here....And the picture of you at Hamish's rock made PL2 very weepy as well even though she didn't know him... Having said all of that...we are waiting patiently for your next adventure!!!!!

  13. Dearest Bertie. I knew Gail wouldn't call you after a big grey rain, it's wagging she called you after a magnificent mountain and of course you are looking most magnificent yourself posed four paw square in front of it.It made me smile as big as the mountain and Mom the same. Then we both had a little old sob at you next to dearest Hamish and his very special stone.I'm sure you managed to make Gail smile again Bertie cos me and my Mom did. Never stop bouncing Bertie,hahaa as if you wouldn't.

    Square love and kisses Uncle E xxx

  14. You are such a cutie that I'm sure your Mom smiles whenever she looks at you.