Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Wheelie Wednesday bedtime story

We were having a bedtime cuddle last night, Gail and I, and she told me a nice story.

It was about when she was a wee eighteen month old human pup, way way back in the dark ages (May, 1960). Her Granny gave her a little wheelie dog. See him the picture, with Gail sitting on top. At least she tells me that's her, although to be honest, you wouldn't know, what with wearing a cute dress and all...

Well from then on, she always wanted a dog. Maybe even one shaped a bit like a wheelie. But her Mum and Dad, said NO, not practical, have a guinea pig instead.

Arthur was a much loved guinea pig, who lived to be eight years old, a fine chap apparently*, albeit a bit limited in the unconditional love stakes, and not a great walker.

Most readers will know about Gail's first 'real' dog, Hamish. He was such a grand fellow and I have much to live up to. But wheelie-shaped he was not.

And now Gail has me, and as she cuddles me one more time before tucking me up for the night with my hot-water bottle, she tells me I'm just perfect and that we're going to be wheelie wheelie happy together.

Sweet dreams.

*How can you tell, with a guinea pig?


  1. Oh Bertie,
    A Chiltern Foxy wheelie?? Does your Mama still have him? You should see how many wheelies that Mama has. But she never had one as a child.

    I think Katie has a crush on you already, hehehehe! You both are changing so fast in the face. Your little black puppy hairs are fading aren't they? Katie sure keeps me hopping. We play NON-STOP all day long.
    Sweet dreams little man.
    Wirey Hugs, Purrz & Licks,
    Butchy, Katie, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby & Hootie

  2. It's as simple as this: the post made Moma smile. Big. (And when Moma smiles, we get the benefit of some extra loves and snuggles.) We're not sure which picture made her smile bigger, or maybe it was the text. But there was a lot of specialness wrapped up here. The last post she's gonna let us read before we snuggle in for the night. Happy.

    And so pleased that you are wheelie wheelie happy together.

    Jake and Fergi and Moma

  3. What a lovely post - isn't it funny what starts us off wanting dogs? Those wheelies have a lot to answer for!

    You are one very cute Wire Bertie - D wants to reach through the screen and cuddle you!

    Sweet dreams,
    Sally and Paddy

  4. Sleep well little one. We love your little crossed paws.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. A wheelie dog? You have stirred memories . As a wee boy growing up on an island off the west coast I had one exactly the same. Can't remember whether it was supposed to be pushed (as an aid to walking ) or for sitting on.

    Have now had a chance to start catching up on blogs. What a wee stunner Bertie has turned out to be. There is nothing, but nothing, like those early mayhem ridden days of innocence.

    Thanks for your thoughts this morning. You're absolutely right about it being a rocky road.

  6. This is a beautiful story and a fantastic pictures - both of young Gail and young Bertie.

    Mom has to wonder if you still have the wheelie dog????

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  7. Just to add - sadly the wheelie dog is long gone, and I do not know what 'breed' he was!

  8. Oh Bertie, what a really sweet picture of Gail as a young human pup sitting on the wheelie.
    We can only imagine how disappointed Gail must have been wanting a dog and not getting one.
    A Guinea pig is nice but not the same at all.
    We just know you and Gail will be wheelie wheelie happy together.
    Goodness Hamish put in such a lot of hard work with Gail over the years she should shape up fine.
    We are a little worried though Bertie if that is why you are in a cage - what with Gail being more used to guinea pigs an all!
    We are only joking - we have heard these 'cages' age very good for young pups like yourself.
    You look so cuddable!
    love and kisses
    Aunties Martha & bailey xxx

  9. Oh Berti,
    that was sweet and it put smiles on our faces!! I am sure it was all true, you can trust Gail. You and Gail are definately going to be wheelie happy together and so funny to see your ginuea pig!!


  10. We too are wheelie wheelie happy to see how adorable you are and to know that Gail and you have sweet bedtime cuddles and story time!!!

    Don't grow up too fast, lttle one. We need more puppy tales!!

    Wirey love,

    Jake and Just Harry

  11. Woooos Bertie! That was some wheelie woo Mom had, mine only had a horse, which is maybe why she has me? Anyway woo are much cuter than a wheelie or a guinea pig!
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  12. Love your bedtime story Bertie... even if it is about one of them wheelies.Your Gail does look cute on him even though he looks like my pesky Miss Enid but with more furs.

    Mom had 'xactly the same wheely too when she was a young pup too and guess what? That's why she has ME now just like Gail has YOU!! Never forgotten hers either and only allowed a moggy not an exotic guinea pig!Still loves all wheelies. Grrrrr.

    Something about this bedtime story tells me you and Gail are going to be wheelie wheelie Happy Ever After.

    Night night Bertie. Sleep tight. Sweet dreams. Eric xxxx

  13. Listen Eric has told us to watch out for those wheelie kids....In fact he even sent us one...His name is Cyril...He's a nice kid but you kind of have to watch him...PL2 said looking at you on your blankie all curled up with your legs crossed made her want to go through the computer and kiss and cuddle you..We told her she would get stuck for sure..hee hee.. Sleep tight little one..Love and kisses A+A

  14. Ah Bertie, our Moms are just about the exact same age, albeit on different sides of the big pee as your Uncle Eric likes to call it! That last photo of you with your wee paws crossed so politely has to be the cutest photo in blogdom. You're a regular corker!

    Your pal,


  15. Bertie,
    I think you are just perfect the way you are. You are quite cute and I think Miss Katie would be a perfect girl friend for you.
    Sally Ann

  16. Bertie is so very adorable!