Thursday, 22 April 2010

Call me Houdini...

So I figured out how to use the dog flap all by myself.
What's the big deal?

Gail here: The big deal, young Bertie, is that it took about a week of pushing, prodding, cajoling, bribery, eventually, to be honest, flat out bullying, before I could persuade Hamish, already age three, to go through the flap. And there you are, 9 weeks old today, I didn't even show you that we had a flap, and next thing I know, you've found your way into the back garden. I can see that I'll to have to keep a VERY CLOSE EYE ON YOU, my canny wee laddie! Oh and by the way Bertie, hows about we just focus a bit more on the poo thing for now....please?


  1. Uh, Gail, did we forget to tell you that we wirey lads are particulaly curious, inquisitive, creative, and nosey, etc. creatures?????

    Now the question is will Bertie figure our how to get back inside.

    That was such an adotable clip -- enjoy every day of his puppyhood. It is priceless.

    Has he barked yet??

    Wirey woofs!!

    Jake and Just Harry (and Joan)

  2. What a wee bright laddie indeed! Such a clever little bugger, isn't he!!!? Does the flap have a latch? Is the garden secure for a wee escape artist like our Bertie? He's a bit slimmer then the Hamish, he might be able to slither under or through some crack in the security perimiter. My goodness, Katie bar the door!



  3. What a beautiful bundle of fun!! Great photo....and it seems...a very smart little pppy!! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  4. We just overheard Moma saying, "That has to be the cutest video I've ever seen!" We recognize that smile when we've just learned something new and done something new. We can imagine the smile on the other side of the camera! Proud, fun moments!

    (What a sweet little whimper! Has he learned to use it to get everything he wants?)

    Loving every moment of this,
    Jake and Fergi and Family

  5. Adorable and smart too!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  6. Ohmigoodnesses, Gail. I do thinks you are gonna have your two hands REALLY full! Gosh, he's a smart one. I hopes you have your running shoes on cuz I thinks you're gonna need 'em!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  7. Hi Bertie, you sure are one smart puppy - you wouldn't get either of us going through there right enough!
    Gail had better keep her wits about her or you'll be off discovering any little gaps in the garden too.
    We just know you are going to be a little explorer.
    Happy 9 week anniversary of being born.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  8. Berti,
    I bet you put a BIG ole smile on Gail's face when you went through there!! Now the real trick is..can you get back in??? YOu are one smart pup and gonna give Gail a run for her money for sure!! Good Job Berti, we are all PROUD of you!!


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  10. So very excited to get to meet you Bertie! You are just so cute and look like you're going to bring lots of fun times to your mama. You are some sort of poochie prodigy figuring out how to do the trap-door trick already! BowWowzer!! And, don't worry about the poo thingy. It'll come eventually...took my little brother much longer than me.

    We are at our home in Farrr North Idaho now so have to use either use the library computer or hunt for wi-fi for the laptop. Will try to pop in on you when we can. Happy homecoming dear little fellow!!
    Miss BabyRD & Hootie

  11. Hello Bertie we are delighted to make your acquaintance. You are one very cute puppy and we can see you are going to keep Gail on her toes.

    Molly,Taffy and Monty

  12. Hiya, Bertie! I saw your name mentioned on Eric Square's blog and wanted to check your new blog out. I'm so glad I found it, now I get to follow you right from the start. Puppy antics are so much fun! (Mom's note - this comes from an eight-year-old WFT that never outgrew his puppy stage).

    Happy Tails,
    William Tell

  13. Well done, Bertie my boy! You're much braver than me, all I have to do is hear a paper bag rustle on the floor and I'll back off. For seven years, Mom's kept me from eating Mica's food by putting a barricade that's less than 10" tall up in front of the kitchen. I know I could jump over it but if it fell, the noise would scare me to bits!

    Your wary uncle,


  14. Young Bewtie
    You do us foxys pwoud!!!!!

    Mommi says, she wecognises that pawsistence, hehehe

    Now show youw Mom that you can do the pooh whewe she wants..I know you can
    smoochie kisses

  15. Bertie,
    You are very cute.
    An American Welsh Terrier,
    Sally Ann

  16. Clever boy! Can't wait to hear about your new adventures.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  17. Hello, Bertie!
    My name is Bella. I hope we can be friends.
    You look so very cute.
    Gail, i hope you are happy with your beautiful puppy Bertie.

    Best wishes.

    Love, Bella.

  18. Oh I can see you are going to be a handful and not a nice little gentleman like Hamish. Fasten your seat belts.


  19. Congratulations on the new puppy! He is adorable!


  20. got the spirit Bertie!!! That is so, so cute! I can imagine that Gail is going to be kept really fit with you around! I just love your colouring too - it's as if you have a ready-made winter jacket on! Hamish had to have his made!
    ps Gail, you must be having enormous fun!!!

  21. Oh Bertie...we are just dyin' here of cuteness overload...

    We wish we had one of those doors...we have to rely on one of the hoomans to let us out...and they don't do it fast enuff most of the time...I mean you'd hate to miss a birdie or a deer or somethin'...

    As for not focusin' on the pooh thing...obviously you're just focusin' on it in different spots then she wants ya to!!

    Strong work, Bertie!

    You wire foxies are a laugh a minute!!


    Miss Laciegirlie

  22. heehee, bertie you're awesome! way to work the doggie door. you've got skills 'n smarts!!
    oh, and by the way, i hope you can forgive me for being a dork the other day when i commented. for some reason i had it in my doofus head that you were a girl, and duh, you are totally a boy. i'm way sorry, and it won't evarrr happen again!!!
    the booker man

  23. Ob Bertie I'm almost pursting with pride! What a smart clever boy you are. I knew you would be, teeheee!! I can tell Gail is going to be full time employed looking after you - yep no time for work. As if she'll care. With one as adorable as you, me and Mom would be watching you all day. Did you hear Mom squeeeeee when she saw your little video Bertie? Not as cute as your little one of course.

    Wiry love Eric xxxxx

  24. Hey Bertie, it's me Katie! Mama says us foxies are the smartest little pups around. You need to follow my lead on the poo thing. I don't even have accidents in the house. Mama says the breeder did very good work on potty training me. Hmmmm, I can't have one of those flap things. Guess the kitties would sneak outside. Plus Mama thinks I would be swimming in the koi ponds, tee hee. Off to bitey face with Butchy some more.
    Wirey Puppy Hugs,

  25. Oh my goodness, that was adorable! Glad you figured it out Bertie!