Wednesday, 25 May 2011

What's a Briard like? (and goodbye to Butchy)

We have some new next door neighbour humans, Paul and Jan. They came round yesterday to play with me (and, I suppose, Gail) and they seem super nice. They told us that they are soon to acquire a Briard puppy.  I don't think I've met a Briard before. Gail tells me that it is one of the herding breeds, and when fully grown will be a lot bigger than me. Not to worry, I won't be scared, I can handle big dogs! In fact, as I am an 'only dog', I am bouncing up and down with excitement at the prospect of another playmate living nearby. But I wonder if anyone out there could give me some tips on how to make friends with a brand new Briard pup, and help me start off on the right paw? Gail says she thinks I tend to be 'over-exuberant'. Is that a bad thing?

Any advice gratefully received!

Meanwhile, I am keeping an eye out for the pup's arrival...

Oh and another thing. There was a big storm here in Scotland earlier in the week. This is what happened to a car parked on the street just around the corner from our house...

PS. Today, our dog blogging community is saying a sorrowful final goodbye to Butchy, the bravest wire-haired fox terrier in the world, as his loving humans are kindly bringing his suffering to an end. I never met you Butchy, and you live thousands of miles away, but through your blog I feel I know you, and my thoughts (and Gail's) are with you and your sweet family on this sad and difficult day.


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  2. I think the best way for you to get introduced to that little Briard puppy is for you to be on a leash when you go to meet it. I know, WHAT??!! But that's the best way to do it so that you don't scare the little one even if you don't mean to scare it but because you can get "over-exuberant" (as your mom says) when you see other dogs, it's best you stay on leash. Let the puppy come towards you by himself. Briards are sensitive dogs so you really don't want to freak them out especially during your 1st meet. Good luck & I hope this helps!

  3. Darling boy we are back and on such a sad day... Know that we love you and will write when we are not so sad.....We agree with Amber.. aleash.... Love A+A

  4. This is a sad day for bloglandia. Butchy will be sorely missed. We will hear the haunting melody of the bagpiper playing in our hearts as he leaves us.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh, Ruairi and The Sweet Babes

  5. You keep an eye out Bertie. And yes, such a sad day for Butchy
    Benny & Lily

  6. I use the slow and easy approach method... esp. if I am NOT on a walkin string. It is bestest to have the walkin string thingy though. that way you can keep your Peep under control and prevent tooooooo much contact and transfer of love and stuffs like that.

    Butchy is gonna be missed butt OH the memories he has left fur us to share.

  7. We are saddened by the news of Butchy. We said our goodbyes and wish him a safe journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

  8. Hi Bertie
    The lead is a good idea I can get jumpy but most of the time I lie down so they will come to me.
    I thought about you and that weather the other day, so pleased no one was walking by they that happened!!!
    It is sad about Butchy poor thing is body was giving up, we will meet up with him one day.
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  9. Heck blogger let me comment!!I thought I had been naughty lol!! its not let me for the last couple of days. plus I ment to say walking by when that happened!!!

  10. I thinks that Frankie said it all. I totally agree.

    Just relax George and all will go well.

    Blogvill will all miss Butchy.

    woo woos, Tessa

  11. Dawling Bewtie
    My heawt is heavy wif sadness..butchy has been my lifelong fwiend and cousin and I will miss him so, but I know his pawents made the most difficult decision to let him go, because his little body just couldn't fight anymowe. Such a bwave and wondewful boy Butchy is.
    He will be ciwcled by love fwom all ovew on his jouwney. I think you will need to be especially loving to Katie as she will miss hew big bwofuw vewy much.
    Thank ddog that twee didn't fall on you, sheeesh
    As fow the Bwiawd pup, I think it's wondewful..they awe lovely doggies and aftew you get to know each othew , I'm suwe he will be just as enewgetic as you and you can have some lovely play times togethew. My angel bwofuw Chawlie had a best fwiend who was a Bwiawd. Chawlie was aable to wun fwee in the countwy and beach bedcause his pal Zeke nalways hewded him back home
    smoochie kisse

  12. Ouch that car sure good smooshed. It been super windy here too.
    How cool that you is gonna get a new friend. I think puppies like everyone, but maybe try not to give them the smack down at first.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  13. I would say just go easy, do the sniff sniff and before long you will be the perfect friends!! Then you can run and play and have tons of FUN!!


  14. I have a new neighbor doggie & we are slowly getting to know each other through the fence.

    It's a little after 5 pm here, I think I saw Butchy's star go by.

    Nubbin wiggles

  15. We have a Briard cousin. He's very bouncy, as well. So you should be in for some good times ahead. he'll probably be your size when he arrives!

    What bad luck to pick that parking place.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  16. Share your toys with that new pup...and roll around with him...puppies like that. So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend...remember him always in your heart.

  17. Bertie - A Briard may be small as a puppy but it's going to grow up into being one big dude !

  18. Gosh Bertie that tree was big....huge.

    Was it one that you often watered?

    Anyway our thoughts about the Briard.... definitely on a lead and nice and calmly.

    We spent yesterday thinking about Butchy too. We felt very sad all day but we hope he has reached his final destination now and is playing with his friends.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  19. Fear not, little dude. You will scare that Bearded Doggie to death as he will be a wee pup and not accustomed to such, er, exuberant pups such as yourself. Then when he gets bigger he will never even know that you are really smaller than he is.


  20. hey Bertie,

    You lucky pup! I love Briards! When I was first adopted by my human, K, we lived just a couple blocks from a wonderful and big fenced dog park, right across the street from a huge lake! Anywoof, I would get to go every morning and every evening but it was in the mornings that a large black French Briard would show up. Immediately we hit it off. The funniest, sweetest pup to play with! We wrestled and ran and just had the best time!

    So from my experience a French Briard is a very social, fun, playful pup who loves to romp and wrestle and run. I think you would get along famously! Although as he/she grows the size difference might become an issue when playing. But maybe not! :->

    I am very excited for you and that you are getting such a fun new playmate. Good luck!

    Oh, you look adorable on the couch looking out the window. And so furry happy no one was hurt in the storm. Very scary!


    p.s. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend, Butchy. So very sad and our hearts to out to his family.

  21. Such sad news but your post made us smile thinking about new pupsters. He may be bigger than you but us terriers know we have bigger hearts (and mouths) than all of them, at least that's what our human tells us ;-) Have a great weekend, Dex & Lou x

  22. We thinks dat you shouldn't jump up on da new puppers. You might squishy him and then you wouldn't have anybody to play wif.

    Bobo and Meja

  23. Bertie bud!

    Phew, thank dogness you weren't in that car...I'll tell Maxmom, "No more parking near trees!".
    Look, I'm just starting to lifT my leg (well, trying to at least, but I prefer squatting) and want to know if you marked that tree at all? Just curious.
    Now, for that neighbour thingy. First things first, Bertie Bud'....You must INTRODUCE yourself! How do you do that? The humans keep asking, I've noticed their 'How do you do?"
    I suggest that you use your own personal style. Looking forward to hearing what that is!

    I'm so sorry about Butchy! I didn't know him very well, but know that he's frolicking with Snickers, Maxdog and Hamish at the Rainbow Bridge. So sad to say goodbye to a special friend.


  24. Oh Bertie...we are missing Butchy horribly....we loved him dearly...

    As for that new it a boy? If you could get his cell number for me, I'd be glad to date er call him and introduce you to him...

    As for that poor car...we're glad we weren't sittin' in it!