Friday, 27 May 2011

About a former Aberdeen 'Top Dog'

I think we can all agree on the identity of the current 'Top Dog' in Aberdeen.

 But today it is timely that I tell you about an earlier Aberdeen 'Top Dog', although, as you will see, he is not a dog at all, sensu stricto...

Rather, this one, known by the local press as 'the former Aberdeen FC manager' and in other parts of the world as 'Sir Alex Ferguson, boss of Manchester United, most successful English football club ever blah blah blah', is a mere human being, albeit one with, I contend, an impressive set of terrier-like traits .... e.g. stubborn; tenacious; loves chewing; possesses unlimited energy and determination; refuses ever to submit; throws terrible tantrums when thwarted; is not lacking in self-esteem; possesses both bark AND bite; speaks a language incomprehensible to most of the human race; is always able to dig a hole and keep digging - need I go on?

So, to mix my metaphors, why was this 'Fergie' chappie such a big cheese round these parts?

Where Sir Alex (then plain mister) led underdogs Aberdeen to a 2:1 victory against mighty colossus of European football, Real Madrid, in the final of the European Cup Winners' Cup.....

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN THESE LAST 28 YEARS?  (Not Aberdeen, clearly! And don't ask if the team has won anything since....)

Have there been other notable events in Sir Alex's past?  Well there was the famous incident when he kicked a football boot at David Beckham from across the dressing room and grazed the star player's face. What other human old enough to collect his free bus pass could have conjured up such passion, power and accuracy...?

OK, I can see you're getting bored. Why am I telling you about this today (or at all), you are asking.

Well tomorrow, Saturday, the 'former manager of Aberdeen' will be at Wembley Stadium, where his current team Manchester United are playing Barcelona in another big European football final.

And I for one, shall be barking my support for the team managed by the old honorary terrier, following the grand tradition of Manchester United supporters hailing from anywhere in the world but the city of Manchester.

Gail, now where are my prawn sandwiches....?


  1. Bertie - If you want to stay out of trouble don't ask any questions about Ryan Giggs.

  2. Here's hoping they have another BIG WIN! Surely an honorary terrier has to count for something.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. I think we saw a movie about that guy.


  4. Whew, at first it sounded like you didn't like him...but I am now enlightened. Go Aberdeen!
    Oops, Go ManBertie! Oops, Go Manchester!
    Whatever you support, Bertie Bud, I'll do the same. Together, it seems that we'll cover the kaleidoscope of human traits.
    Your bud'

  5. We don't know anything about soccer, but we do know beating that Real Madrid team is a big deal. My mom person is glad this man didn't mess up David Beckham's pretty face also. Women!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. Oh this must be about sports. When you started talking about sports my mind wandered to dressed and how cute you are.

    So have a great weekend and sports whatever thingy. Boys, whats a girl to do?

    woo, Tessa

  7. Bewtie
    I am going to be bawking along wif you..wish I could sit nest to you while watching and maybe we could imitate some of theiw moves in between eating those pwawn samiches.
    I think he Must be a tewwie..awe you suwe he's hooman?
    smoochie kisses

  8. hey Bertie,

    You, and the other Aberdeen Top Dog, have some very impressive traits! Easy to see why you are Top Dog!!

    I enjoyed your history lesson on football, and even though my human does not have a TV, we will be rooting for your team. Hope it is an exciting game!


  9. Feistiness must come with the names: Fergi. Ferguson. Fergs. Yep. We can think of several examples to support that idea.

    Good luck to your team. Saturday, huh? Do prawn sandwiches come with the watching?

    Jake (and Fergi Ferguson Fergs)

  10. We will be rooting fur your team Bertie, and you will always be The TOP dog!!! ;-)

    Jazzi and Addy

  11. We will cheer your team on!