Monday 1 July 2019

Where Bertie leads, Greta Thunberg follows?

I guess I'm not the only pup who's been thinking about climate change this week.

OK, so, unlike most of the rest of Europe, it has not actually been that hot in Aberdeen - though the thermometer did register 24ºC briefly on Saturday afternoon before the thunderstorms arrived. But oh my heart goes out to all my fellow canines in France and Spain, who've been sweltering in temperatures of over 40ºC, some while wearing furry coats designed for the Arctic.

Anyway, I noted with interest that our weekend paper published an hour by hour guide to doing one's bit for the planet in terms of living a greener lifestyle.

It all looked quite reasonable until I came to this...

Gail, insensitive as ever, asked "what's the problem Bertie" and added "surely insect food is no more revolting than some of the stuff you pick up on walks when my back is turned".

I countered that if she's laying out good money for my dinner then I expect meals based on only the finest quality lamb or beef, irrespective of carbon impact...

We are on safer ground, environmentally, when it comes to transport.

As you know, both Gail and I love to travel by rail. Do you remember how, a couple of years ago, we went all the way to Switzerland by train and ferry? Yes indeed, and I would like to point out to young Miss Greta Thunberg, renowned climate activist, that when it comes to roaming around Europe in an eco-friendly fashion, Gail and Bertie got there first!

The grrreat news is that Gail is planning to do something similar this year, and take me, again by train, to visit our friends Renate and Michael at their home near Munich in Germany. We're not going until October (cross paws it will be cooler by then), but I'm SO excited, especially since I spotted in an email that Renate has already been asking about my dietary preferences, so she can better prepare for my arrival.

Gosh, but I've just remembered, our German friends are lifelong supporters of the Green Party. Oh I do hope they haven't heard about this insect food stuff...

I wonder what Greta's dogs are fed for their dinner?


  1. oooh that is a super adventure!!! and we bet that you will love bavaria !

  2. Insects are a sport....only to be caught and maybe consumed. Definitely not a main meal! We're sure your friends will have a pork knuckle or various wurst for their special visitor. It is Oktoberfest after all.

    1. Not liking crowds, we are delaying our trip until Oktoberfest is over!

  3. Hari OM
    I don't know Bertie lad, there are many place on the planet where even peeps eat insects - very high protein value, y'know? You might be surprised... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Oh yuk, Bertie - insects as part of the main meal of the day? No way - they are fine as a little snack, but give me the occasional dead bird, or someone's biscuit every time ! I get dried diet food, which is hardly exciting or a gourmet treat, but at least it's filling for a while.

    Inca xx

  5. Savin da world are good and all, but are it worth saving without steak??

  6. Oh I'm wiv you on the train travelling Bertie, I LUFFS a train journey, although I do finks its about time the trolley service started stocking dog TREATS! (preferably not insects!I can catch my own thank you very much...big fat fly anyone?)
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. Mmmmmm Insects! I like to scarf them up when I can catch them. I am on a diet, so I have to supplement my diet any way I can! Try it!

    Your hungry friend Kiki

  8. Oh Bertie I'm 100% with you on way should Gail be changing the life style to which you are accustomed too! PERIOD!!!
    We see a couple every Saturday at our favorite Cafe and have started eating with them. The man is British(has lived here 25 years) she is from Michigan. Week before last he had a business trip in Germany.He said it was HORRIBLE heat. No a/c in the hotels. Sleeping was impossible. The meeting was held in a conf. room supposedly with a/c but it could not keep up with the out door temps and 40 people packed in the room. Finally he found somewhere hotter than Raleigh.
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. We don't eat many bugs here and prefer the beef that's in our regular dinner. That sounds like a great adventure Gail is planning for you two.

  10. Wellllll....I can say that flies and mths are pretty tasty, but more as a snack, not as a full meal ;-).
    Rosy(who is known for snatching up bugs before Mama can pry them from her mouth)

  11. I hate bugs - period - so I can't imagine eating them. What a SuperFun adventure for you, Bertie!

  12. I was ready to eat a dead stink bug today but Mom stopped me. I don't think a steady diet of insects sounds good though.
    Mabel too

  13. Hmmmm.....I likes to play with my, I mean, bugs. I rarely eats them unless they are in a margarita, of course! heheheee
    Ruby ♥