Friday 9 November 2018

Nature Friday: Woodland Walk at Drum Castle

Today I am delighted to join the LLB gang's new Nature Friday blog hop, and take you on a late autumn stroll through an ancient woodland in the grounds of Drum Castle.

Do please come and enjoy the walk with me. Humans will need a stout pair of shoes, as the path is a wee bit muddy in places. But it is not a long distance, just over a mile I believe, and any inclines are quite gentle, so most of my friends, even those of more senior years, should manage it.

Let's get going!

Or should that be sniffing? 

Do you like a yellow and golden carpet of birch leaves?

Or maybe you prefer a more monochrome bed of beech?

Myself, I think the grass dappled with wobbly edged oak leaves is the prettiest ground covering!

The walk ends in a small pine plantation

With a fine view over the Aberdeenshire countryside.

Fortunately I think we will make it back to the car before it starts to rain!

I do hope you enjoyed my outing today. I am now looking forward to reading all the other Nature Friday posts.


  1. We did enjoy that! It's amazing how different the leaf cover are. AND we could have easily walked that far.

  2. Bertie that was a super walk... you are the best tourguide ever!!! butt we will run now to be back inside before we get wet...

  3. What a great place you have for a beautiful walk, Bertie, and we love all of the autumn leaf colors! Thank you for letting us tag along with you on your hike!

  4. Bertie OMword what a lovely walk you had on the grounds of Drum Castle. Your first sniffin' station was for sure an ancient tree. It kinda looked like an elephant foot. I expect your senses went into overload. Mother Nature has wonderful taste when selecting her carpets.
    Boy oh boy the money view was overlooking Aberdeenshire.
    Thank you for being such a great guide
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. Hari Om
    Thank you Berti lad, I do believe even I could manage that walk and would certainly have enjoyed all the different leaves!!! hugs and wags YAM -aunty xxx

  6. Just beautiful, hope to visit some day!

  7. Thanks for the tour. I love seeing you next to that gorgeous (huge) tree trunk. We are a big fan of red and yellow leaves. Our backyard is currently covered in yellow lights.

  8. Ohhh, what a beeYOUtiful walk! I'd love to go running along those paths!

  9. That was a fun hike, Bertie -even the old Momster was able to keep up:) We loved your description of all of nature's carpet under your feet. Fall is so pretty with lots of different colors. Those trees are so BIG - we could probably spend a lot of time going round and round for all the good smells.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. What a lovely hike Bertie - thanks for taking us along to see the beautiful view!
    Hazel & Mabel

  11. What a beautiful place to be able to run off-leash, Bertie. That great big tree trunk looks like it has toes and toenails! Do you think Pippin or Sam may have been there at some time?

  12. What a beautiful walk to take. We would be ready for all that mud to walk in. Bertie, you look adorable standing in the yellow and golden leaves. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Have a great weekend.
    World of Animals

  13. What a lovely walk you took us on Bertie. Thanks for taking us along.

  14. Wow, what a lovely walk Bertie! We loved sniffing through the leaves with you...and that view at the end was just beautiful!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty