Monday 19 November 2018

Mass disobedience

I am wondering, what is your stance on obeying rules and regulations, even when they seem inappropriate, or perhaps superfluous?

Why bring this up just now, you ask.

Well, Gail took me down to the Aberdeen City beach yesterday. Although dogs are allowed to run free on most of the two mile long stretch of sand, there is a section in the centre, in front of the cafés and amusement arcades, where we are excluded, year round.

Rather to my irritation, Gail always makes me obey these signs.

However, I couldn't help but notice that, on this chilly grey November afternoon, all of the human visitors to the 'no dogs' bit of the beach were accompanied by their pups! 

And those pups were having a fine old time, and no-one seemed to object.

Look, why else would anyone visit a beach in the Northeast of Scotland at this time of year, if not to give Rover and Fido a chance for some bracing exercise? And for the humans, the nearer to the cafés the better!

What do my readers think?


  1. we sadly have this signs at many beaches...and sadly even in the worst weather the officials say that this signs are always valid and you are in deep trouble... not fair we say...

  2. Hari Om
    It is easy to think, Bertie lad, that just because almost everyone is doing the opposite to instruction, then there is another unseen rule at play. There isn't. They are just breaking the instruction. Don't be tempted, lad. If you're luck is anything like this wummin's, you'll be the one dog which gets spotted and land in strife with the authorities!!!

    That all said, one does wonder that for the November to February period, there isn't a caveat. How many folk are going to be pouring out of the cafes to run on the beach and in the surf in those months. Most months really, if we're honest...sigh... hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

    1. Oh dearie me YAM-aunty, sounds like you had a bad experience somewhere. Maybe like when teenage Gail was chased down by a Swiss policemen for ignoring the 'green man' at a pedestrian crossing in Luzern..
      But we agree, a seasonal adjustment to the beach rules would be appropriate. It is surprising how many folk do venture onto the sand and even into the water on a warm (relatively speaking) summer day.
      Toodle pip! Bertie.

  3. I says rules are meant to be broken.

  4. I'm not a big one fur following ANY rules or regulations...unless of course there are TREATS involved!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. Well my fine handsome WFT... I do think there should be a slight amendment to them this time of year. I guess it is too much trouble to
    change the signs and then the BIG thing is
    I want to know where the Beach Police were?

    I have a friend who goes to a dog park. It distantly has a sign on two lovely areas
    BIG dogs, SMALL dogs with size range. He is amazed at how folks bring come in with small dogs. Then don't watch their dogs and complain with a Big dog wants to play big dog games.
    My friend has started leaving as soon as a small dog comes in. One stupid human ruins it for lots of Pups.
    Hugs your biggest fan in the Southern US.

    PS What kind of mustard do you use?

  6. I think no-dogs rules are mean and species-ist. You should be a conscientious objector ALL the time!

  7. Maybe it's a seasonal sign. Ignore it.

  8. seems to us that they can't cite everyone so join in the fun!
    Hazel & Mabel

  9. Who needs rules??? Rules are made to be broken, right? Next time, you tell Gail that she needs a nice beverage and you need a run on that part of the beach.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. Sometimes it's ok to enjoy some fun with your fur friends on the beach. We think you should went down there. Nobody would say anything about that. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  11. We think our Mama should abstain from answering this since one of the only citations she has ever received was for bringing a dog on a beach in New Jersey...during December....and wouldn't risk another fine as high as that one.

    We, on the other hand, say go for it!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  12. Be a rebel Bertie...always a rebel!
    Ruby ♥

  13. the local coppers give tickets? We got a ticket in Sausalito, California, for playing soccer, because Charlie was off leash. The cop hid in the bushes to catch us. 45 bucks, 25 years ago (not still bitter, am I...)

  14. Bertie - Let prudence be your guide. You can be quite sure there is some Aberdonian council employee who is tasked with making spot checks. You don't want to get a 'record'.