Friday, 30 September 2016

A gory traffic jam at Balmoral

So Gail and I took advantage of the continued fine weather and headed off to the Queen's Balmoral Estate to climb Lochnagar today.

Near the summit we heard some stags roaring.

Then we heard a shot. Or was it two?

Later, as we descended we noticed fresh blood on the path.

And then in front we spotted a well camouflaged party leading two ponies.

Readers of a sensitive disposition may wish to stop here.

A member of the group came over to Gail and asked very politely if she could "hang back" as one of their ponies was apparently frightened of dogs. (Perhaps this pony had once had a run in with the Queen's corgis?)

So we stayed behind the deer stalking party even though they were descending the steep slope by the waterfalls very slowly indeed. The black pony seemed to be struggling with his burden.

 Gail took loads of photos.

Eventually a young man, who was casually swinging a dripping stag's head (which had very recently belonged to the animal on the back of the 'grey' pony) in his right hand, told us we could pass,

And we continued on down and back to the car without further bloody encounters.


  1. Hari Om
    Yearly cull? Army survival training?? Poachers??? I had my heart in my for your safety darling Bertie - and Gail of course! They might not have liked their photos taken if the latter two so am thinking the first. Whilst not a fan of such action, I also acknowledge the management aspect. But oh those mighty beasts... Bertie, you sure do have adventures on tham thar hills!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. ...mouth... the missing word is mouth...

    2. It was deer stalking for sport.

  2. What an adventure Bertie!! What a mix beauty and gory-ness!

  3. Oh Bertie...while I like killing the occasional mouse or even ratty, our deer friends are just so beautiful. It's deer season here, too. Bow season just ended and rifle season starts in a week or so. I only know this cuz I have to wear my orange collar! Otherwise, it looks like you had a great hike!!


  4. Perhaps the black pony objected to carrying a bleeding carcass. We probably would have been VERY interested and not hung back.

  5. it was probably no wonder that the black poney felt uncomfy.... horses are very sensitive. but I wonder that they were calm while they heard the shots... the pawlice horses need years of training for that... maybe the pawlice should work with penys too? btw: Bertie your country is super beautiful.... we love it !!! like mary todd lincoln said: beautiful scotland has spoilt me for every other country :o)

  6. OMCs shots would have made me hit the ground... I too wondered why the pony was afraid of bouncing Bertie but not shots? Interesting about using ponies for deer hunting. They are not used around our area for hunting but could be they are used in our mountains. I tell you one thing those are some mighty pretty craggy hills you and Gail are getting in shape for Switzerland. When do you leave
    Madi your bffff

  7. Like a scene out of that movie about the death of Diana. ... was it 'The Queen ' with Helen Mirren ?

  8. Wow, they sure were having a successful hunt. Having said that it makes mom sad.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Mama had to quick scroll thru cause her is of the sensitive natures ;) I fink Mama would have given those guys the whatfur if she had stumbled upon them. BOL

    Matt (& Matilda)

  10. Around our parts the deer are attached to top of cars. Interesting to see the ponies. I can't imagine why they were scared of you.