Wednesday 20 July 2016

Seize the day (or at least the sausage roll)

Friends, I know that many, perhaps all, of you live in places where the summers are warmer than ours here in Aberdeen.

And maybe you will think I am taking the 'cup half full' thing a bit far when I say that there are advantages to living in a city where hot days are rarer than icebergs at the Equator. But please bear with me.

The thing is, if we do, by some fluke of the jet stream or whatever, actually experience properly warm weather, all normal rules of behaviour are suspended for the duration, and this can be to a pup's advantage.

Take last night. Most unusually, it was still over 20ÂșC when Gail and I went for a late evening walk around the harbour mouth area.

We were not alone.

Other dog walkers, golfers, frisbee throwers, photographers hoping for sight of a dolphin, kids bravely venturing into the always frigid North Sea, cyclists, joggers, Polish workers from the fish processing factory relaxing with a beer, students tending a barbecue…. you name it, they were out there enjoying the (relatively) balmy conditions.

And I am pleased to report that one group of giggly girls were not paying attention to their half eaten picnic on the wee beach by the harbour wall. So I decided to help them out (don't you just hate food going to waste?) And I must say those sausage rolls were most delicious.

The giggly girls just giggled some more at the sight of this happy wire-haired fox terrier licking flaky pasty from his beard, as Gail tried unconvincingly to reprimand me, while herself failing to suppress a smile.

Although Gail did not see fit to record this particular episode on camera, she did take some other photos on our walk, and I hope these will give you a flavour of our one day of Aberdeen summer.

(You will just have to imagine the flavour of the sausage roll.)


  1. Crikey Bertie .... How funny, mate! You had your one day of summer! We had our one day of winter a couple of days ago. Great photos by the way although I'd have liked to have seen one of you scoffing the sausage rolls.

  2. A sossidge roll? Dat sounds yummy!

  3. Hari OM
    OMD Bertie, you didn't??? YOU DID?!! BOL..... By gum it does look like an aussie beach up your way - at least for that one day. Down here I sunbathed in the father's garden. As I told him, it HAD to be done coz it was unlikely to be this good again in 2016!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Were those peeps swimming in the SCOTLAND??? Watch out fur icebergs!!!!
    Oh and I'm totally wiv you on the sausage roll snaffling Bertie, I'm ALWAYS on the lookout fur unguarded picnics...or unguarded foodables of any sort really
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. Yummy sausage roll and sheesh those peeps must be hot blooded

  6. I can see that picture in my imagination Bertie... and it looks tasty! your Gail shared super photos today, that is a wonderful place for a wlak... not only for sausage rolls it is a snack for the eyes too :o)

  7. Well done, doggy godson! Well done!

    And the summer pics are lovely.

    Wag on,

  8. Bertie,
    Sniff sniff is that sausage roll I'm eyes are glazing over and my nose is working double time.
    You all sure know how to take advantage of a beautiful Mid Summer's Night Eve!! Mom loves the photos especially the Lighthouse!!
    Hugs Madi your bfff

  9. BOW WOW, I'd like a sausage roll to seize! BOL!!!

  10. OMD that sounds yummy and that weather sounds beautiful. It is a bazillion degrees here!!

    Matt(& Matilda)

  11. Did someone say sausage?? NOM!! What a beautiful day, sometimes I think living in a cooler, cloudier climate helps us appreciate sunny warm days a bit more!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo
    from foggy NorthyNorth California

  12. we would swap you - we have had 8 weeks of temps above 90 degrees - every day ! Nothing beats a good sausage roll - especial when it is confiscated food :)

  13. Well done on scoring the sausage rolls, Bertie! A beautiful day, too.

  14. Bertie - It's always wiser to live on the East coast. It rained on Tiree.

  15. Bertie, our high was 20 yesterday and it's winter...BOL! SHE finally took off HER thermal spencer! But we've got rain. What a score! Sausage rolls!

  16. Bertie, I would LOVE your cold climate. I'm ALWAYS hot!!


  17. Good job stealing the giggly foods
    Lily & Edward