Thursday, 18 September 2014

The autumn crocuses will still bloom...

Friends, I have noticed that Gail has been fretting about the big vote in Scotland today, and is worried what will happen next.

Well I too was mulling over this matter when in Torridon last weekend, and it dawned on me that the important things will not change.

I shall still sit in front of the cottage, watching the world (or at least the sheep) go by, with dear Hamish's memorial stone to my side, and the Autumn crocuses will still bloom.

I shall still enjoy a morning run along my favourite footpath.

And bumptious new neighbours will still need to be put in their place.

The lochside scene will still be picturesque.

And back at the cottage, food and water bowls will still be replenished and Gail will be planning another nice outing for the both of us.

Sometimes, it takes a dog to keep things in perspective.


  1. You are a wise man or rather a wise dog Bertie
    Retro rover

  2. truer words have never been said is the everyday little things in our world that make it special and the big picture will always be there for us to look at later - even if it i constantly changing

  3. Well said Bertie. Anglophiles here in the US are pulling for the "common sense" vote. Which makes no sense at all, as we haven't seen any here in a "coon's age."

    Gus n Teka

  4. Well said Bertie and tomorrow we will all know. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Well said, Bertie! Your world and the beauty in it will never change.

  6. Your right Bertie. So what is she worried about
    Lily & Edward

  7. You're soooo right. Nothing to worry about. Nothing will change in your personal world.

  8. We're hoping for Gail force winds to sweep in that comon sense of which our pal Gussie speaks!

    Wirey love, better together!

    Just Harry

  9. Wow Bertie that was close....I'm glad you are still on one piece. The Setter was hungry huh? I'm very curious what will happen today in your country. I just watched the News, sadly we have to wait till tonight. I'm sure you are right, your world will be a beautiful terrier-world, that's for sure .

  10. Wow, Bertie, that setter wanted you for his brunch! Yikes!

    We've heard a lot of sturm und drang about the dire consequences of a YES vote... but as you say, the important things in your world won't change.

    And if it is a YES vote, well-- a lot of people said the same things about the US when we sought our independence over 200 years ago... it worked out pretty good over here. (In fact, the majority of the population wasn't in favor of revolution-- from hearing our politicos chime in on the subject of Scottish independence, I guess they would have been Tories back in the day...) So who knows, sometimes change can work out for the better....

  11. We Agree with you Bertie. WOW.. we have NEVER seen or Heard of FALL Crocus. We only get them in the SPRING.
    We hope that the Election Results... which EVER way it goes... does not cause too much upset and troubles.

  12. Just stopped by to say thinking about your vote today. Glad Bertie is taking it in stride.
    Sweet William The Scot

  13. You truly know what the important things in life are

  14. It's very important to keep things in pawspective! We pups are especially good at that.

  15. Hari Om
    Autumn crocus is one of the true beauties. I trust you'll find the neighbours are just unfamiliar friends. That view would heal all ills. ...and yes, your world is stable. You are a wise lad. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  16. Bertie - Our canine companions know that after the bluster of the storm comes peace. And who knows - the storm may yet pass us by.

  17. Bertie your 'secret' is safe with me. BUT who cares about your d****** skills when you have that goes tail in this picture
    'The lochside scene will still be picturesque.'
    Terrier Tails trump d****** ANY DAY.
    Oh dear the election. I hope it goes your way...
    you might need to learn to speak another language
    Hugs madi your bfff

  18. We've been thinking about you all day and mom says we'll check the TV for an update as soon as she gets home from work!!

  19. Dogs definitely have the answer to life!

  20. We are thinking of you and your vote today. As Canadians we understand the stress of these types of votes. Our now home province Quebec is always threatening to leave Canada.

  21. Thats right Bertie!! Those things will all be the same and you will still be "MY Handsome guy"


  22. I love your attitude Bertie and I hope all goes well on the vote.

    Love Sasha

  23. It's amazing how us puppers can put a good spin on anything, the world and Scotland will go on. Dads waiting for the out come here!

    The Mad Scots

  24. Well, at least da important stuffs won't change. Nuffin ever changes after we has a vote over here anyways.

  25. We dogs do have the right perspective on life...enjoy !
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  26. Ah Bertie, if you only knew how seriously your terrier friends in the U.S. and the U.K. took this election and the lengths they went to yesterday to ensure the outcome that would keep you together!!!! You are loved, dear boy.

  27. I can see your point, Bertie, but also that our peeps might get a little owly had it gone the YES way. I am happy the nays won the vote!

    Stella and Jo

    1. I have noticed Gail is smiling a lot today.