Sunday 22 August 2010

Whisky, bogs, mountains, lochs and a nice cup of tea

Yes I am going for some Scottish stereotypes today.....

Just had a wonderful weekend over at the cottage in Torridon. We drove a different way from usual, and stopped at Dufftown en route.
Apparently I'm not old enough for whisky, which is a shame, 'cos there are lots of famous distilleries nearby. Hamish would have loved it.
Meanwhile the west coast of Scotland was enjoying its usual summer weather.
Of course, that never deters us from going out. I do hope Uncle Eric reads this as I think he would be impressed by the state of my coat...
Only one hour after this walk on Saturday, we went to visit our German neighbours Renate and Michael for afternoon tea. Don't you think I scrub up nicely?
I snuggled up on Renate's super-comfy lap, happily daydreaming about bogs as she and Michael and Gail chattered on and on (I think the subject of the FIFA World Cup came up).

We went for another walk this morning, but it wasn't as good as yesterday's. No bogs.
I was well-behaved and obeyed the rules.
But it was quite a long hike, and I can tell you I was mightily miffed to be woken up on the drive home, ejected from my cosy spot in the rear of the car and made to pose for yet another picture.


  1. Bertie, uhh, drop me off at Glenfiddich so I might enjoy what Hamish used to call a wee drop. It is hot here again, 85 F. degrees and I for one am looking forward to plowing through the snow. We don't need for it to come until mid November or December, but for me, it needs to cool off some.

    You look most happy bumming about your milder weather and having tea with the neighbors and such. Good going, Bertie!


  2. Bertie - We are very, very worried about the white sofas in this post. Perhaps you need to have a wee chat with Gail to explain that white sofas are like water for handsome wee duggies - strictly out of bounds.

  3. What nice squelchy mud. We love mud, but SHE doesn't. It's because we have short legs and skirts.

    You do scrub up well, handsome boy.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. So. Moma wants to know. Is Gail enjoying her hikes with YOU as much as you seem to be enjoying them with her? It sure didn't take long for you to become quite the seasoned (and slathered) four-legged companion.

    We're sure Eric's gonna be impressed. And we're wondering if his mom is going to inquire about the presence or lack thereof) of wellies on that hike. Appears to us the first day was the PERFECT boggy spot to put them to their best use. We hope to be finding some soon. Bogs. Yep. Dogs in Bogs. Perfect.

    You are the greatest, Bertie.
    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  5. What fun Bertie. Love the pictures of your beautiful place. We have a feeling some buddy is getting a bath
    Benny & Lily

  6. Oh Bertic, our favourite place in the world - well the west coast of Scotland!
    Torridon is lovely - we guess you take a whole different route from us but that looked very nice indeed.
    We loved all your pics - especially the one with you outside the shop with the nice red post box. We have never been to Dufftown.
    Well we hope you and Gail feel well after that wonderful trip and we trust that no whisky was sampled!
    Uncle Eric will indeed be proud of the lovely mess you managed to get yourself in but you did scrub up well.
    You were just picture perfect for afternoon tea in the conservatory.
    As they say in Glasgow 'you'd get a piece at any door'.
    Aunties Martha and Bailey xxx

  7. You always have a smile on your little face. Nice bog roll, but you sure are whitey white afterwards. Guess there was a bath in there someplace.


  8. Dear Bertie:
    You are a very good writer like Hamnish and it makes for a fine read. The pictures of your "boggy" coat remind us of our westie when he runs up and down the creek banks...that is when we are very happy for soap and water.

    Thank you for sharing your life with us even though we live far, far, away. It's still fun!

  9. Such beautiful pictures Bertie. It makes me want to go to Scotland too! But we are really enjoying our lives here in Aberdeen, Washington...but wish is was Scotland!! Mistaya and her M.O.M. Gail

  10. Oh Bertie my lad, you live in such a beautiful country you do. My Mom wants to visit Scotland someday. If we are so lucky please let Gail know that my Mom would enjoy a wee dram or 3 with her at Glenfiddich!

    woo woos, Tessa

  11. My goodness, you are quite the young man - growing up and looking so handsome. Hamish would be proud.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  12. Wooos Bertie! I think woo grew a lot since I last visited! Sorry we were gone fur so long, I missed seeing woo travel the hill and bogs. Mom likes the lovely photos, wishes she was there, it is horribly hot and humid here, I need some of your cooler highland weather!
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  13. Oh Bertie, I just came across your dog blog - it's super-woof-wonderlicious! How I wish I could find a dirty old bog to get my paws all mucky ! Look forward to your barks. Dylan the Dog

  14. Bewtie
    I think you live in Tewwiew heaven bogs..muddie paws..endless gowgeous vistas and walks and then when you'we oldew dis tillewies..oh yes..heavenly!!! no wondew Hamish loved it so..I think youw unkel Ewic will be extwemely pwoud and in twoo foxy fashion, you clean up pawfectly fow a civilized te wif good fwiends
    I wish i could visit you
    smoochie kisses

  15. Ahh, Bertie, I see the mudpacks from Eric and my spa line has arrived. And just in time for adolescent puppy furs. You'll find our mudpacks leave your furs delicately scented of dirt, marsh water and just a whiff of decaying plant life. I'll make sure you get a good sample of our South Carolina Pluff Mud pack with your next order.

    Your pal,

    Uncle Petey

  16. AHhhhhhh if only we could could have rolled with you... and walked with you and had a wee spot....OF THAT GLENFIDDICH ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!! OOOhhhhhhhhhhh you are one lucky pup..Listen we usually have poker games at Scruffy's but we are starting to think maybe we should have a few at your house( when you are old enough of course..) Love A+A

  17. Cool pictures Bertie! Loved your dirty little face.hehe. Mom has some Scottish blood in her veins, and guess what? She likes Scotch!! Speaking of stereo types.
    XOXO-BabyRD and Hootie

  18. Did you hear me Bertie? Whooooping at the sight of your square little Bog Head. Boy oh boy you know dear nephew you really are the bestest

    Haaaa!!! Dog in the Bog. On his Blog!!!! Smashing. Absoultely perfect. The mud on the beard and the paws...oooo the paws then your back leggeds wwhen you turned around. Haaaaaaaa!!! Go to the Top of the Class Bertie. I can see you were still laughing about it the next day when you posed so nicely for Gail.

    I do hope Renate allowed you a nice drop of tea dregs fromthe bottom of the cups? She looks the kind indulgent type and of course I can see you have her twisted round your paws.

    Crickey. How come I missed your last post? Me and Mom have some book to tell Gail about. Now Mom is half way through reading this one right now "Dogs who know when their owners are coming home" by Rupert Sheldrake" not fiction and right up Gail's street. Of course there is the famous old book "Where's Master" by Caesar The Kings Dog. A foxy boy like us of course. It's. Sniff.Pass me a hankie would you Bertie? Sad. Sob. Very sad. But sort of nice at the same time. Course it's true too.Hmm. We don't do dog fiction much either. Apart from Greyfriars Bobby. Sniff. Another sad one. Don't have it for your bedtime story. Tell gail to stick with the Tintin.

    Fondest wiry love your proper bursting with pride Uncle Eric xxxxxx