Thursday, 26 August 2010

Up with Skool!

[I have been told to warn you that this post will be comprehensible only to readers familiar with a certain important British literary personage called Nigel Molesworth. As any fule kno.]

Hello clouds, hello sky!

Basil Bertie Fotherington-Thomas here.

Today I am  bouncing skipping around so galie coz the new skool term has begun!

All my super puppy pals are back agane too. Including my grate frend Daisy Dachshund.

Unforchoonately I have to wate anuther week before I see them agen chiz moan drone.

And no it is not all uterly wet and weedy to like skool is it?

Oh it is?


(Gail here - don't panic readers, normal service will be resumed shortly when whatever Bertie was given at puppy class last night has worn off)


  1. Berti
    School has started here too. One mucnhkin went to school but I still have one at home!!! But is 1/2 as noisy now!! BOL


  2. Bertie...maybe I will understand you better when all of that has worn off!! I did see a bright yellow school bus go by our house today but Munchkins on board on. I will watch from my front yard post tomorrow and check that out! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  3. Hi Bertie, I really meant to say that I did not see any Munchkins on board but I will check tomorrow!! Mistaya

  4. Bertie, you'd better get that repaired!

    We're glad you like school. None of us ever went.....probably explains a lot!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. Bertie - Dying to see the reaction in the comments to Molesworth .

  6. A proud moment in st custards HISTORIE cheers cheers, Bertie
    The Aunties xxxxx

  7. I am going to have to look up Molesworth. We are big fans of Jeeves and Wooster!


  8. We love going to school. Our mom wishes she taught our kind of school instead of the human kind!
    Alanis & Miro

  9. Wot's this? Your'e really that fule Basil Bertie? And now you like GURLS like sopee Daizy? Wot did you bark???? You were Topp of the Class too. Un bee leave ble. Little swot. Please don't tel me you made sum rafi bones two...

    Unkle Erik xx

  10. NinaGirl totally and completely understand where you're comin' from, Bertie. She loves school. But she knows to behave herself. We hope.

    (Watch out for that Headmaster. The rules are prob'ly strict)

    Jake and Fergi