Sunday, 19 January 2014

Flattering or an insult?

I have been mulling over this issue for quite a while, and have decided it might be useful to consult my blog friends.

Fellow pups, I suspect I am not the only chappie out there whose owner is tempted to decorate the house with images or ornaments depicting one's own breed of dog.

The question is, should we feel pleased that our humans find our appearance so appealing that the live version is not enough? Or be insulted that, indeed, we are not considered, of ourselves, sufficient?

My predecessor Hamish must have struggled greatly with this topic, given the ubiquity of Westie collectibles for sale in this part of the world. On the whole, since I belong to a more exclusive breed (I refuse to say 'less popular') it has not to date been such a problem for me. Gail, as we know, is not herself an enthusiastic shopper, and only the most dedicated of her friends have managed to track down wire-haired fox terrier related ornaments.

Well a few months ago, this all changed with the arrival of a sizeable oil painting.

I was shocked!

So much so that it is only now that I have summoned the strength to address the subject.

I mean, not one but FOUR wire-haired fox terriers taking up residence in our sitting room. And a pretty lively bunch they look too.

Gail says "Bertie, that is just the point. I saw this old painting for sale, attributed to a well known Victorian animal artist, and the way the terriers are shown is so, well, so real, so like you, so full of action and energy, I thought it just perfect".

Can you see the likeness?

Well perhaps after all I should consider it a compliment.

Although I thought Gail was going a bit far when she told me to "think of them as your new friends Bertie".


  1. We think it is a fabulous picture Bertie. I am not a pure breed so no such worries over here. We think a compliment it is. Have a serene Sunday and get on some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. WE have thingys like this ALL OVER our house. We think that as long as "THEY" are not getting any of our Snacks or Kibble. OR playing with our toys.... it is fine.

  3. Bertie...this is far more important than a gift shop dust catcher. If that is a Wardle, it's an investment piece. You should be PROUD to show it off in your home. Well done! I think it a testament to your indomitable terrier spirit. We, on the other hand, get black Scottie dust catchers which she paints 'wheaten blonde'. You want to talk about embarrassing! The things that woman can mess up with a 10 cent brush!
    Bonnie and Kenzie

  4. So long as she doesn't get another 'real' you then all is well - at least they only take up wall space - heaven forbid you had to share you world with another of your kind :)

  5. Well Bertie it is a fine piece of art BUTT (pun intended)
    those 4 are not even in the same league as you and your expressive high flying Tail...nor are the ambassadors of the science of tail wagging. Just sayin' my observation!
    Hugs Madi your ardent admirer

  6. Hari OM
    HAH - I was thinking along the same lines as the
    cowspotters - Bertie, be grateful Gail wants to honour YOU and not simply have multiple WFTs around the hoose!!!
    Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  7. Bertie - The second one in that pciture doesn't look like a poster boy for wire-haireds.

  8. We think it is a compliment. Lady is always sad there is nothing for mutt Hailey and has yet to start her Shepherd collection, but likely will some day!

  9. The 'new friends' is a bit much......

    We have scottie stuff all over the place. At least your WFT look like they're HUNTING and ready to pounce on prey. Our scotties are all sitting nicely. We think you're just going to have to live with it, Bertie.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  10. hmmm....well, we too have one painting with wirey foxes in it, but we like yours a lot better. The muzzer went a bit crazy when she first got me, so dad also has a couple of things with wires. But, then they negotiated. Now we mostly have wires on notecards and christmas cards and stuff like that.

    BUT, I agree with those brilliant thinkers who say that as long as those dogs in the paintings are not eating treats or kibble, or fighting you for the dog beds, let Gail have as many of them as she wants. As long as they are in good taste, which this first one truly is.


  11. Bertie, old friend, I am finding it difficult to muster sympathy. Our estate is overrun with Airedale and mastiff art. No Labradors in sight. Even my ride has a sticker that proclaims "if it's not a mastiff, it's just a dog" as well as an Airedale bobble head on the dashboard.


  12. Get over it, Bertie. Its a gorgeous painting and you should be most proud to have it in your home. Would it help you to name the dogs?, Uncle Homer. Uncle Fred, Aunt Priscilla, etc. etc. your choice of course, not mine!


  13. It's a compliment, Bertie! Cuz dey wantz to surround demselves wid more of our cuteness!!

    And great painting!!

  14. My momma just decorates with photos of me, so it are not too bad. Hee hee!

  15. Oh Bertie that picture is fabulous. Now you should see our home thousands of pictures and paintings of us and pug and bulldog collectables up the wazoo, but worst of all mom has a love of kitschy things and she has started collecting paint by numbers from the 1950s of dogs that are not even our breed.
    retro rover

  16. Isn't it interesting to see how much we have changed physically? We have some similar paintings on our walls...and mom actually took us to the Museum of the Dog in St. Louis and made us stop and look at each and every WFT painting or statue. We are so much more lovable and handsome now, aren't we Bertie!!! Be glad Gail gave you this proof.

    Wirey love,

    Just Harry

  17. Well our point of view is..... Perhaps Gail is contemplating 4 is a good number. You see where we are going here Bertie?
    Well there are 4 of us!!!!
    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  18. Very regal, just like you, Bertie. We think a portrait of YOU should come next. Surely there is enough wall space for one more painting :D
    Wyatt and Stanzie

  19. I think it's definitely a compliment. Momma loves ME so much that she has boxer stuff all over the place. As long as she gives the real me plenty of lovins, we're good!