Sunday, 6 April 2014

What, no bravery award?

I guess my readers in drier parts of the world don't have to deal with these sorts of problems.

Have you any idea how scary it is to negotiate an agility course in the rain and mud?

So I was down in Dundee on Saturday, taking part in my first outdoor competition of the new season.

I have blogged before about my relatively high centre of gravity and associated 'stability issues'. Imagine now encountering a seesaw covered in a thin film of mud, dampened by a persistent East Coast haar, near the start of an eighteen obstacle run.

You know, I did so well not to fall right over when I slipped and stumbled just at the point when the seesaw tipped. And for sure, a less plucky pup would have jumped straight off and headed for home. Not me though! Despite being quite frightened, I bravely continued round the course, a bit more cautiously usual, I admit, but not missing any of my contacts. I did knock down one of the later hurdles as my wee paws skidded again in the mire on a tight turn. This too was unnerving as, unlike certain other dogs in my agility club (I'll name no names) I rarely mistime my jumps and so am not well accustomed to the clattering sound of a falling pole at close range. But still I carried on, undaunted.

Can you believe that after such an awesome display of courage in the competition ring, I left the show with nothing but a "well done Bertie" from Gail and a couple of extra gravy bones.

In Dundee harbour, just down the road from the agility show, rests a famous ship, 'The Discovery'. It was used in Captain Robert Scott's first Antarctic expedition in 1901-4. I don't think I am overstating things when I compare my feats on Saturday, heroic although ultimately unsuccessful, to those of the great but flawed British Antarctic explorer.

Oh. Gail says I am (overstating things that is). Just a wee bit.
The 'Discovery'


  1. Hari OM
    Oh dear Bertie - best efforts and little return? I reckon Gail's the important judge so I'd be lapping up those extra gravy bix if I were you!! Keep up that good work and you surely will gain a ribbon or six. Speaking of ribbons - are you watching the boat race now? Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Bertie you are so brave and you are getting to be my hero. I did have a try at agility when I was younger but it was hard to go through the wiggly poles with my long body and I could not jump over some of the hurdles and they did not seem to understand about my little legs. I use to like jumping off things though. We do enjoy reading about you adventures at the competitions. Take care on those seesaws and very well done for completing the course.

  3. You so deserve a medal for bravery - these things can cause severe psychological trauma - nearly falling off a teeter totter....having ones paws just give out from under gosh - we prescribe one lamb shank bone (with the meat still on it) to calm the nerves.

  4. We agree a bravery medal is in order. How you found the gumption to carry on amazes us Bertie? You are one heroic pup. Nevermind well done we say PAWSOME. Have a serene big easy Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Bertie, you are truly a very brave fellow. And we know about bravery!!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  6. Bertie the BRAVE... You did Marvelous... and we think that Gail needs to RETHINK her stingy offering fur such a super job.. WE think she should realize just how much effort you put into this..agility thingy.
    WE will award you a BLUE RIBBON fur BRAVERY.

  7. Your feats...well, feets were every bit as brave! We only go out AFTER it's rained. We don't like it on our backs...AND we don't go on that agility equipment. So anyway you've got a couple of FANS way down here!

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  8. We agree that you deserve a Bravery Award for a valorous performance. That slippery stuff must have been very uncomfortable and yet you soldiered on!!! I wonder if Gail would have done as well!

    Wirey love,

    Just Harry

  9. We would have given you the bravery award Bertie. Slippery is so dangerous! You are a good sport for competing despite the danger.

  10. I fink you deserve a steak for your bravery!

  11. Poor Bertie - At least it wasn't all bad. You did get some bones .

  12. Sheesh those fools
    a bravery award was well well deserved
    retro rover

  13. Bertie you are and always will be my hero and you would be the one I'd call if I needed a paw up after a fall
    Sending you kitty kisses and hugs and BRAVO
    Madi your bfff

  14. To call you brave would be an understatement my friend. You are doing the puppers of the world proud!

  15. I think you DEFINITELY deserve a bravery award, Bertie! That sounded terrifying. We had a lot of rain this weekend, so I totally understand what you mean about slippery mud.

  16. Bertie, you are the bravest dog and you certainly should have gotten a bravery award!

  17. There's got to be a mistake Bertie
    Lily & Edward

  18. Why Bertie I bet your ancestors were probably on that first Antarctic expedition.
    I know about slip sliding away. Why it has rained for four days and they say it is going to rain for four more. My park is under water and there is mud every where.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  19. We're wondering if a study in fluid dynamics might assist? On the other paw, we're certain you deserve a bravery medal for simply being around all those other doggies. We kittehs tend to shy away from such!

  20. Fortunately, most of our agility trials are held indoors in my area. Our weather is never perfect for agility, so the clubs opt for the predictability of the great indoors! Running a course in mud and rain is indeed quite scary!

  21. Bertie, you definitely deserve a medal, I really wouldn't have coped in that weather! Well, I already do, but not on an agility course! Just a well done? You deserve a whole lot more, like a ride in the boat, even though it's a museum now. Oh, and apparently Dundee is the sunniest place in Scotland...
    Pippa :)

    1. P.S. Don't know if you've come across Yvonne's blog before, but she was there too with her shelties! Her blog is -

  22. For all your slipping and sliding, I imagine Your Gail, with but two feet must have been sliding about in an equally perilous fashion.


  23. Comparing your feats to Robert Scott's is perfectly fine. It's using "nothing but" and "a couple of extra gravy bones" in the same sentence that I have a problem with.