Sunday, 1 February 2015

Snowy nose Sunday

Thank you so much for all your kind words and prayers for Human Granny. I wish we had better news, but she is still in hospital and poorly. I am doing my bit by making sure Gail gets walked daily, whatever the weather.

PS I am being subjected 'treated' to my first ever professional grooming session tomorrow. I am unsure of the correct etiquette in such establishments. Perhaps my friends could advise?


  1. Groomin etiquette? I's never been, but I'm pretty sure bitey face are required.

    Sendin big hugs to y'all.

  2. We get groomed at home, so we don't know nuffin' 'bout no etiquette. Good luck, we'll be looking for the results.

    Hugs to you, and Gail and HGY!

  3. Bertie,

    A happy waggy tail when you are left there and a happy waggy tail when you are collected makes your human happy. In between be nice to the groomer as you never know when you will meet again!!! Even if you do have a bad fur day (Hint... check the look on Gail's face when she collects you) your furs do grows back!

    No matter what happens at the groomers tomorrow, make sure you take good care of Gail. We are thinking of you and Gail and sending our best wishes to HGY.


  4. Howdy Bertie. We've got you in our hearts mate and send love to you all. I, Stella, have to get my furs cut at the hairdresser and I can tell ya, I don't like it one bit. I shiver and shake and look pathetic. Butt, I do get treats, and that is the only good thing about it. Good luck and even if you do like it, make out you don't, cause then you'll get more treats hehehe.
    No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  5. Well I turn on the charm with my groomer in the hope of treats…hasn't happened yet but theres always hope!
    Big hugs to Gail, HGY and you Bertie, take very good care of yourselves
    Loves and healing licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  6. Hari Om
    Well done on the exercise regime Bertie lad... do check in at my place tomorrow as there is a post which may add to your care of Gail.

    As to the grooming gala tomorrow - just look the groomer in the eye and make her fall in love with you. All will be well. Blessings hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  7. Oh no but wish you luck at the fur stealers Bertie. Have a serene and easy Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Keep taking good care of Gail, Bertie.

    When at the cleaners, it is very imPAWtent not to do anything that might interfere with treats that are given after your grooming. Be sure to look sad-eyed, and concerned, so you get lots of treats afterward.

    We're so sorry Human Granny is poorly. Such a tough time.

    Sending much love.
    Tootsie and Mom and Dachshund Daddy

  9. I still cross my paws for your granny. I hope it will help a little. You can be just Bertie at the groomers, they are pro's and they can handle terriers very well. You don't should tell secrets to that groomers, they mostly can't keep that secrets and will tell it to the next pup .O)
    Easy Rider

  10. never bite the hand that trims you :) we are sending lots of good vibes to granny

  11. Sending continued prayers for G-Ma. Please give your Mom big hugs from us, bcuz we know she could really use some right now.

    Good luck with the new grooming.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  12. Bertie darling...your snowy WFT nose is so cute mom tried to lick the snow off for you! Mom is such a loon!
    I have bp ever received any type of professional grooming; however, my peeps have. Mom offers this advice
    1. Arrive on time even if you have to wait extra because the professionals are running late
    2. Take a good book
    3. While being professionally groomed be sure to make small talk w your professional
    4. And most important sit still or you might end up with a Mohawk
    Hugs from Madi your bfff

  13. Gail
    I think of you daily as you strive to get the best care for your precious Mom. Give her a gentle hug from us
    Cecilia and Madi

  14. We are so sorry your Granny is poorly. POTP and hugs.

  15. I expressed my UNHAPPINESS once by Expressing My Anal Glands...

  16. Just a quick tip....have your human give you a good brushing right before you go....removing all the snarls , tangles and mats at home. That way , we don't harbor any ill will toward the poor shampoo person that has to do the brushy bit before the dunky bit. Allow plenty of time for marking the new territory outside when you arrive so your bladder will empty-ish ...keeps you from embarrassing your human by marking the entrance hall floor and walls. In the US it's customary to tip on top of the fee...don't know if that goes for the UK. SHE tips well cuz the poor groomer has to deal with two Scottie's that don't enjoy being groomed. Kenzie is a whirling dervish on the table and I take the opposite approach...lie down and take a hard nap during the unpleasantries.
    Bonnie n Kenzie

  17. Hello, Bertie! Gail has taken you lots of places in your life, and that will stand you in good stead at the groomer's shop. Tell Gail we are hoping for the very best, on all fronts. Love, your Cardigan Welsh Corgi Cousins

  18. Oh Bertie! We are sorry you are getting groomed tomorrow - though we're sure you will be the epitome of politeness. It's just that the other day when mom was driving near her work she saw a WFT who was quite closely shorn. She thought to herself (so loudly that we could hear her at home), "UGH!! Bertie looks so much cuter with his fuzzy curls." Hopefully you're just getting a pre-valentine's day trim. Be brave!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  19. Oh dear, sometimes these things happen. Me and Stanley used to go to the professionals and we found out that if you behave nicely that they keep calling you "good boy"!
    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  20. Well the POTP is still going here......we ar standing by for pics!

    The Mad Scots

  21. Crikey Bertie .... Mum really freaked at this photo of you. So much like our Lucy!!!! Dad used to call her George Bush when she was all floofy like that. It was all in the beady eye look he reckoned. Beady eyes indeed!! What did he know?? Lucy only ever went to the GROOMER once. She was such a BAD they said NEVER AGAIN!!!! So Bertie ...... give 'em heaps, mate!!
    My love and prayers to Gail and HGY.

  22. Jakey and Bilbo sympathiize with you Bertie, they are also heading to the fur stealers tomorrow....

    We continue to send lots of POTP for HGY and Gail!
    Smiley Hugs!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  23. we are sure you will look fab

    retro rover
    POTP for HGY

  24. So sorry you don't have better news to share. Please keep us posted, our thoughts are with you.

    Bertie, my best piggy advice is not to poop on the table. Or in the car. Or in your bed. Or on the groomer. Basically, keep your poop for outside today. Not that I ever have.